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Federico Vellani

1849 game 1849 is set in Sicily, the game is designed for 3 to 5 players and should take about 3 to 4 hours to play. It has such features as

Two different gamekits are available, Bronze and Silver Editions. This will allow the purchaser the choice between the cost and the amount of extras (and colour printing) the gamekit will contain. Please note that all gamekits will contain colour printed maps and a full rulebook.

1849 Bronze Edition
This contains the basic game components: Shares, Charters, Tokens, Tiles and Trains printed on coloured cardstock in b/w; Full colour Map and Stock Market Table; Money printed on coloured paper. What it will no longer contain is the standard 2" deep gamebox with colour box art, the 1/2" counters, ziploc bags or circular self adhesive labels. This will allow the cost to be reduced, more importantly (for me) is that the assembly time to produce the gamekit is shorter.

1849 Silver Edition
This contains full colour Shares, Charters, Tiles and Map printed on cardstock. The cardstock is coated so the colour printing is water resistant. Money printed on coloured paper. The gamekit comes in a 2" deep gamebox with colour box art along with a number of other game aids and components.

1849 Gold Edition (No Longer Available)
This contained the same components as the Silver Edition but all the Shares, Charters, Tiles and Train components are thermally bonded using thick 250 micron double sided matt laminate. Wooden components (pre painted 15mm diameter by 10mm / 5mm high) were supplied instead of 1/2" square cardboard counters and tokens are printed directly onto round self adhesive labels that can be applied to the wooden components.

1849 Gamekit
Cost (includes Post and Packing)
  Bronze Silver
UK & Europe (Air Mail) £8 £14
US (Air Mail) $20 $30
US (Surface Mail) $15 $25

The Gold Edition 1849 gamekit is no longer available.

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