Who's Who in the 18xx hobby and industry.

Site Personal
Chris LawsonSite Maintainer, Gamekit Producer (1841, 1849, 1851, 1876 & 1899)
Designer of 1851 with Mark Derrick
Steve ThomasResident 18xx guru
David MethenyWas editor of The Rail Gamer, and US Agent for games produced by Chris Lawson
Stuart DaggerEditor of Counter, Boardgames Magazine
Keith Thomasson Keeper of the 18xx Rules Difference List
Game Designers
Francis TreshamDesigner of 1829, 1853 and 1825
Federico VellaniDesigner of 1841, 1849, 1827 and 1827 Jr.
David HechtDesigner of 1826, 1836, 18EU, 18FL, 18Scan, and 18VA
Wolfram JanichOwner of Marflow Games.  Designer and producer of 1842, 1847, 18EC, and 18SX
Producer of German language editions of 18AL and 18VA
Leonhard OrglerDesigner and producer of 1837 and 1854
Michael BrünkerDesigner of 1898
Helmut OhleyDesigner of 1862
Producer of 1824, 1844, 1862, 1895, 18FR, and 18NL
Rob van WijngaardenDesigner of 1839
Mark DerrickDesigner of 18GA, 18AL, and 18MEX
Bill DixonDesigner of 1856, 1870, 1832, 1850 and 1869
Tom LehmannCo-Designer of 2038 and Designer of 1834 and 1846
Carl BurgerDesigner of 1831
Yasutaka IkedaDesigner of 1889
Game Companies
Tresham GamesProducer of 1825 and 1853
Avalon HillProducer of 1830
MayfairProducer of 1856 and 1870
Hans im GlückProducer of 1835
TimJim/PrismProducer of 2038
Winsome GamesSoon to be producer of 1831?
John GaltProducer of 18AL and 18GA
Assistant Keeper of Blackwater Station
John A. TamplinOwner of Deep Thought Games, LLC.  Producer of 1826, 1832, 1846, 1850, 1854, 1889, 18EU, 18FL, 18GL, 18MEX, 18Scan, and 18VA
Game Magazines
The Rail GamerThe Magazine for Train Gaming Enthusiasts
Counter The Magazine for Game Enthusiasts
TGG The Magazine from the Train Gamer's Association
PBM and PBeM and other Contacts
Cut and Thrust 18xx Play By Mail Fanzine
Ode18xx Play By Mail Fanzine
Bill Stoll 18xx Play By eMail, Mostly 1835

Michael Brünker
Grimmgasse 69
D-53123 Duisdorf
Designer and producer of 1898.  This is an 1841 variant set in France which has a number of changes and improvements to the original.
Carl Burger
Deceased.  Designer of 1831.  Plans are that one day this will be produced by Winsome Games.
Stuart Dagger
27 Cameron Way
Bridge Of Don
Aberdeen AB23 8QD
Editor of Counter.  A new Boardgame magazine, Counter gives you reviews, letters, reports and general chat about the hobby.
Mark Derrick
8601 Glenaire Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37416-1546
Designer of 18GA, 18AL, and 18MEX.  His 18TN also helped create 1851.
Bill Dixon
Designer of 1832, 1850, 1856, and 1870, plus 1869 (still in the design stage).
David Hecht
Designer of 1826, 18EU, 18FL, 18Scan, and 18VA.  One of the more well travelled 18xx designers, David has been spotted playtesting his new games in the US, Italy and now in the UK.  David has more designs under way, including 1836.
Wolfram Janich
Gelderner Weg 5
D-40670 Meerbusch
+49 (0)2159 5693
Has designed and produced five gamekits, 1842 Hbg, 1847 Pfalz, 18SX Saxony, 18NL Nederland (now available from Helmut Ohley), and most recently 18EC (USA East Coast).  Also publishes German language versions of 18AL Alabama and 18VA Virginia.
Chris Lawson
7 Cornfields
Hampshire GU46 6YT
+44 (0)1252 662362 (home)
+44 (0)7815 751884 (mobile)
Producer of a series of gamekits (1826, 1841, 1849, 1851, 1876 & 1899).  Current plans include the design of 1852 and several more new 18xx games.  Site maintainer of Blackwater Station so clearly a man with too much time on his hands.

(The preceding was written in 2003, so apparently he doesn't have that much time any longer.  Has not produced any games since then. -- jdg)

Tom Lehmann
President of Prism Games, who along with TimJim Games produced 2038.  Co-designer of 2038 (with Jim Hlavaty of TimJim).  Designer and developer of several games, currently working on 1834, 1846 and a 2038 expansion kit.

As of July 2003, TimJim/Prism's web site is down and the companies have apparently ceased to operate, thus making 2038 unavailable.  No word on what will become of their games.

David Metheny
330 Greenlee Road
Apt. 15
Brentwood, PA 15227
Editor of the now defunct magazine called The Rail Gamer.  David announced on Jan 4 2005 that the magazine and other merchandise are no longer available from him.  (I am not sure whether this includes Chris Lawson's gamekits, but Chris has not produced any since 2003 anyway; David was Chris's US agent up to then. -- jdg)
Helmut Ohley
Abtstr. 19
80807 Muenchen
Designer and producer of 1862, set on a map of the USA and Canada.
Also produces 1824 Austria-Hungary, 1844 Switzerland, 1895 Namibia, 18FR France, and 18NL Netherlands.
Leonhard Orgler
Erlaufstraße 13/3
A-2344 Südstadt
Designer and producer of one of the largest 18xx games / gamekit around.  1837 and 1854 are still available from Leonhard.  Please note new web site.
Steve Thomas
168 Orchard Way
Surrey KT15 1LW
Leading 18xx guru - if you have any rules queries or questions then just ask Steve.
He also moderates games of 18xx played by snail mail in the amateur magazines Cut and Thrust and Ode and produces his own PBM zine Mais n'est-ce pas la gare.
Francis Tresham
254 Bideford Green
Leighton Buzzard
Beds LU7 7TT
+44 (0)1525 370913
The man who started it all with 1829, went on to co-design 1830 with Bruce Shelley of Avalon Hill.  Also responsible for 1853, 1825, Civilisation, Spanish Main, etc.
Rob van Wijngaarden
The Netherlands
Designer and producer of 1839. This game had a extremely small original print run but the designers hope that it will be taken up by a European games company. Note: No address given as Rob has recently moved, also new web page address.
Federico Vellani
28 via San Giovanni del Cantone
I-41100 Modena
+39 (0)59 244457
One of the most innovative 18xx designers around. Credits include 1841 and 1849, currently working on 1827, 1827 Jr and now 1833. Note: new email address from March 1998

Hartland Trefoil Ltd
Original publisher of 1829, 1853, and 1825.  Now owned by MicroProse who are in turn owned by Hasbro.
Tresham Games
5 Chapel Lane
Northampton NN7 3BU
Francis Tresham's game company that emerged from the buy out of Hartland Trefoil by MicroProse.
Avalon Hill
AH produced the classic 1830 board game as well as a computer game version.  AH are now owned by Hasbro.
Mayfair Games
5211 W. 65th Street
Bedford Park, IL 60638
1 800 432 4376
US importer of 1825, 1835, and 1853.  Past publisher of 1856 and 1870.  Now owned by Iron Crown Enterprises.  Have been noticeably slow to publish new games, both before and after the takeover by ICE.  Rumor has it they are no longer licensed by Hasbro to produce 18xx games.
Hans im Glück
Birnauerstr. 15
D-80809 München
+49 (0)89 30 23 36 (fax)
Producer of many high quality board games such as Modern Art, El Grande and Euphrates & Tigris, they also produce 1835.
Prism Games
Prism Games along with TimJim Games produced 2038.  Both companies are now out of business.
Winsome Games
515 West Hutchinson Avenue
Suite #6
Pittsburgh, PA 15218-1347
+1 412 244 0599
Producer of a large range of Railroad Games such as the Trainsport: series, the Rails to ... series, U.S. Rails, Ferrocarriles Pampas, etc, etc. No 18xx at the moment, maybe 1831?
John Galt
5150 Fair Oaks Blvd., STE 101, PMB 152
Carmichael, CA 95608-5758
+1 916 482 4289
Producer of 18AL and 18GA.  Also helps maintain the Blackwater Station site, and maintains a mirror at
John A. Tamplin
4116 Manson Ave
Smyrna, GA 30082-3723
(770) 436-5387
Producer of 1826 (France/Belgium), 1832 (southeast US), 1846 (US Midwest), 1850 (north central US), 1854 (Austria), 1889 (Shikoku), 18EU (Europe), 18FL (Florida), 18GL (Great Lakes), 18MEX (Mexico), 18Scan (Scandinavia), and 18VA (Virginia/Maryland).  1826, 1854, and 1889 are second editions, while the other nine are previously unpublished.  The games may be ordered in various levels of readiness for play, ranging all the way up to fully cut out and ready to play.  His production values are roughly equivalent to Chris Lawson's, with a fully laminated and cut out game being the equivalent of one of Chris' "Platinum Kits."
Yasutaka Ikeda
Designer of 1889 (Shikoku).

Editor : Stuart Dagger
Subscriptions : Alan How
3 Lynsted Place
Kent BR1 3UE
US Subscriptions : David Kuznick
41 Lewis Ave.
Arlington, MA 02474
Counter is a quarterly magazine for those interested in board and card game systems, their discussion and design.
The Rail Gamer
Editor : David Metheny
P.O. Box 98242
Brentwood, PA 15227
RIP.  David Metheny announced on Jan 4 2005 that the magazine and other merchandise are no longer available from him.  Anyone wishing reprints of articles published in Rail Gamer must contact the authors.
Editor : Mike Siggins
RIP, Mike is now writing for GGG.
Train Gamer's Association
Editor : Heather Barnhorst
P.O. Box 461072
Aurora, CO 80046-1072
Members of the TGA also receive a quarterly magazine called the Train Gamer's Gazette.  For full details please visit their web site (link updated August 2002).

Mais n'est-ce pas la gare
Editor : Steve Thomas
168 Orchard Way
Surrey KT15 1LW
Cut and Thrust
Editor : Derek Wilson
6 Caldbeck Drive
Reading RG5 4LA
Editor : John Marsden
33 Weston Road
Kent ME2 3HA
18xx Zines.  The latter two 'zines run loads of other games including Diplomacy, Railway Rivals, Outpost, etc.  Contact the editors for a subscription, though if you're primarily interested in 18xx it would be best to contact Steve Thomas in the first instance.
Mostly 1835
Moderator : Bill Stoll
Home of the Mostly 1835 PBeM site.  As you may deduce from the web page title, Bill hosts a number of 1835 PBeM games.
18XX Rules Difference List
Keeper : Keith Thomasson
Keeper of the 18XX Rules Difference List, originally written by Nick Wedd.

David Reed
1034B Crystal Brook
Bryan, TX 77803
(409) 361 4751
Please do not send any gamekit orders to David Reed as he is no longer Chris Lawson's US agent.  If you have, then please phone or write to him now and ask him to return your cheque or cash immediately.  Email response is very intermittent as well.

David maintained an 18xx web site called The Depot until he left the hobby in 1997.  There may still be copies of it around on the Internet, but it hasn't been updated since then and is regarded as a dead site.

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