Blackwater Station : 1899 Version 2

Dirk Clemens has released a 1899 variant which I had incorporated into my release of the 1899 gamekit. I have updated the gamekit components and map to reflect the changes and have called the new release Version 2.
The components (Shares, Private Company certificates and Trains) have been slightly redesigned, the Map updated and Stock Market Table changed to reflect my latest style as well. Some of the tile numbers have changed to avoid confusion over duplicate numbers between 1899 and 1853.

The Version 2 changes are as follows.

How to obtain the Version 2 upgrade

If you own a Version 1 release of 1899 (with serial number 210 or below, i.e. if it was obtained in 1996 or 1997) then the upgrade is available FREE. I will include the Version 1 to Version 2 upgrade with your next order. Please note that all 1899 gamekits are no longer available.

The upgrade package consists of the following.

The components are printed on the usual 160 gram card, all that's required are for the tiles and certificates to be cut out.

The Stock Market Board was also updated with Version 2 but is not part of the upgrade kit.

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