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This page attempts to list all the known 18xx titles that exist as well as those being designed, in playtest or just rumour. In practice, many of the games marked as "not yet in print" will be abandoned before completion.
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nyip Not yet in print
IP Game In Print
LPR Limited Print Run
OOP Out Of Print
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. MASTER LIST  -  U p d a t e d   30th September 2005

Games of the 18xx system
Title Status Description Designer FAQ
1825 IP South Eastern England Francis Tresham FAQ
1826 IP France and Belgium David Hecht FAQ
1827 nyip Continental USA Federico Vellani  
1827 Jr nyip USA (compact version of 1827) Federico Vellani  
1828 nyip Deutscher Zollverein (German Union) Michael Brünker  
1829 OOP Great Britain Francis Tresham  
1830 OOP Northeastern USA Tresham / Shelley FAQ
1830NL LPR Netherlands Jansma / Ohley  
1831 OOP Northeastern USA Carl Burger  
1831 nyip USA Stegink / Heidema  
1832 nyip Southeastern USA Bill Dixon  
1832 LPR France Michael Liebetanz  
1834 nyip USA, New England/Montreal Tom Lehmann  
1835 IP Germany Michael Meier-Bachl  
1836 nyip Netherland and Belgium David Hecht  
1837 IP Austro-Hungarian Empire Leonhard Orgler FAQ
1839 OOP Netherlands Rob van Wijngaarden  
1840 nyip Germany, Rhineland Joachim Quadflieg  
1841 IP Northern Italy Federico Vellani FAQ
1842 IP Germany, Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Wolfram Janich  
1846 nyip USA, Indiana/Ohio Tom Lehmann  
1847 IP Germany, Pfalz area Wolfram Janich  
1848 nyip Continental USA Lawson / Thomas  
1849 IP Sicily Federico Vellani FAQ
1850 Jr OOP Sicily ? dalla AX zine ?  
1850 nyip Midwestern USA Bill Dixon  
1851 IP USA, Kentucky/Tennessee Chris Lawson  
1852 nyip USA (expansion for 1851) Chris Lawson  
1853 IP India Francis Tresham  
1854 nyip Austria Leonhard Orgler  
1855 nyip Australia Frank Thuro  
1856 OOP South Central Canada Bill Dixon FAQ
1857 nyip USA, Wisconsin Dan Chinnery  
1860 nyip Isle of Wight Mike Hutton  
1862 IP Continental USA Helmut Ohley FAQ
1866 nyip Western USA David Earlywine  
1868 nyip Western USA Tony Leal  
1868 nyip Bulgaria Michael Brünker  
1869 LPR Continental USA, The Golden Spike Barnhorst / Marquardt  
1869 nyip Continental USA Bill Dixon  
1869 nyip Continental USA Alan Moon  
1870 OOP USA, Mississippi Valley Bill Dixon  
1872 nyip Japan Barnhorst / Marquardt  
1872 nyip Japan Thomas Huettner  
1874 nyip USA, Lake Superior Ryan Moats  
1876 LPR Trinidad Peter Jacobi FAQ
1876v2 nyip Trinidad Peter Jacobi  
1880 nyip Iceland Peter Qualle Hoffmann  
1881 OOP Germany, Berlin Michael Mette  
1890 IP Osaka, Japan Shin-ichi Takasaki  
1894 nyip Moon surface Michael Brünker  
1895 nyip Nambia Adam Romoth  
1898 OOP France Michael Brünker  
1899 LPR China/Korea Meyer / Clemens FAQ
18AL IP USA, Alabama Mark Derrick  
18EU nyip Europe David Hecht  
18FB nyip Southern Italy Alessandro Lala  
18GA IP USA, Georgia Mark Derrick  
18GM LPR Variable Map Barnhorst / Marquardt  
18heXX nyip Variable Map Mike Schneider  
18kaas LPR Holland Eekelschot  
18MW nyip USA, North Central Robin Barbehenn  
18TN nyip USA, Tennessee Mark Derrick  
18VA nyip USA, Virginia David Hecht  
18xx nyip Powerrails Tom Schoeps  
1969 nyip North Sea Oil Trevor Dewey  
1986 OOP Germany, West Berlin no details  
2018 OOP Transrapid, Europe Tom Schoeps  
2038 OOP Asteroid Belt Tom Lehmann  
Crisis nyip Downtown Subways Robert Jasiek  
Title Status Description Designer FAQ

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