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The above links (if available they are underlined) will lead you to further detail and cover the following topics.
Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about the rules of the game, then please check this section to see if it has been asked before. If it does not help you, then please email and we will try to answer, the FAQ will then be updated to include the new information.
This is a reference section that I hope will help players when they do not have the game at hand and want to discuss some aspect of the game (such as the cost and number of trains or the start base of a particular Corporation). There is a lot of information packed away in these tables.
This may include photographs of the game and components, if it is a gamekit it may include drawings as well. The link will bring you to another menu where you can select which picture you wish to view, file size will be noted against each link so you can have an idea how long it will take to download.
I hope to provide reviews on all aspects of the game (from gameplay to production issues). If anyone wished to contribute to this section then please email with an article, short or long, positive or negative views welcome.
Primarily for gamekits, this will give the contact address plus any other information know about the current cost and status of the game. If the game has been commercially produced, it will state if it is still possible to obtain in Hobby Shops, if know the print run will be given.
This can contain a variety of articles, strategy, variations, opening moves, anything that cannot be fitted in the above sections. Again, I will welcome any contributions in the area.
There may be a brief text description of the game before the following tables. The first table gives some detail about the game production while the second gives details about the game and the way it is played. The Trainspotting link above will provide more details if required.

Designed by Name of the Designer(s)
Produced by Company Name or Gamekit Producer
Status Is it In Print, Out Of Print, Not Yet Released
Release Date When was it first available / When is it due
Has it been licensed by Francis Tresham or not

Location Which country or area does the map cover.
Corporations How many are used in the game. Do they come out in a fixed, layered, random or variable sequence, are there Minor / Major Corporations.
Privates How many are there and do the have any special powers. How are they distributed at the game start.
Map Size This counts both the number of playable hexes and total hexes on the board.
Off-Board Are there any Red Off-Board connections, how many revenue steps do they have, when do they change.
Bank How large is the Bank at the start of the game. What currency is used.
Tile Colours What tile colours are used, usually in the sequence Yellow / Green / Brown / Grey.
Stock Market Is it Linear (1D), Square (2D) or Hex (2 1/2D).

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