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How to obtain Gamekits from
Chris Lawson 1841, 1849, and 1851
Michael Brünker 1898
John Galt 18AL & 18GA
Wolfram Janich 1842, 1847, 18AL (German), 18EC, 18SX, and 18VA (German)
Helmut Ohley 1824, 1844, 1862, 1895, 18FR, and 18NL
Leonhard Orgler 1848 & 1854
John Tamplin 1826, 1832, 1841, 1846, 1850, 1854, 1889, 18Ardennes, 18Dixie, 18EU, 18FL, 18GL, 18MEX, 18NEB, 18Scan, 18US, 18VA, and 18West
Federico Vellani 1841 & 1849
Nobuhiro Izumi 1890 and 1899KP
Masanaga Hojo 1891
Tatsuya Kamioka 1897, 1897Large, and 1897Medium

1826, 1841, 1849 and 1851 GAMEKITS

Gamekit production of 1841, 1849 and 1851 on temporary hiatus

As of 1st October 2001, the current stock of 1826 gamekits has run out so availability of the gamekit is back on hiatus.  All orders received before the 1st October 2001 will be fulfilled, if you placed a pre-order but haven't yet arranged to send payment, please do so now.  [ Costs... ]

1841 will be the next gamekit to be made available, followed by 1851. I hope to get back to making more 1826 gamekits sometime after the New Year. So, if you want to pre-order 1841, now's the time to do it, costs will be posted soon.

If you wish to pre-order any of the above gamekits then email me with your full name and postal address, I will then add you to the pre-order list.  This does not commit you to purchase (but I will assume that you have an honest desire to obtain the gamekit), once the gamekit is ready I will notify you and request payment.

I have no plans to discontinue 1826, 1841 or 1851 but I will be limiting the distribution. I am currently undecided about 1849, I may withdraw this from distribution but not before allowing everyone a chance for a last time purchase.

[The above was written by Chris Lawson in October 2001.  He has not, to my knowledge, produced any game kits since then.
1826 and 1841 can now be ordered from John Tamplin.
1849 and 1851 are no longer available until Chris or someone else resumes production.  You can still pre-order them, as above, but don't expect a response any time soon.
The game that Chris Lawson and Steve Thomas were developing, originally called 1862 but now called 1848LT, is similarly in limbo.
John David Galt]

Gamekits sold as of 1st October 2001
1826233released 03/00
1841366released 07/96
1849173released 09/98
1851289released 02/98
1876240released 10/96
1899290released 01/96

1876 and 1899 GAMEKITS

These two gamekits have now been discontinued.


Michael Brünker
  Grimmgasse 69
  D-53123 Duisdorf
The 1898 gamekit, released in February 1999, was available from Michael.  As of the 31st March 2000, the limited print run of 100 has sold out.


John Galt
John no longer accepts mail orders and will not be reprinting the 18AL and 18GA gamekits, but for now, you can still download the latest rules, maps, and release notes from his web site.

The files for 18AL will be removed from the site once John Tamplin is ready to release 18Dixie.

There is also a German language edition of 18AL, published by Wolfram Janich.

1842, 1847, 18AL (GERMAN), 18EC, 18SX, and 18VA (GERMAN) GAMEKITS

Wolfram Janich
  Gelderner Weg 5
  D-40670 Meerbusch
+49 (0)2159 5693
Wolfram Janich opened Marflow Games in December 2006.

Released 18EC (US East Coast, previously known as 1831) on the 13th April 2005.  Here are the different configurations and the prices:

Also offers 1842 Hbg, 1847 Pfalz, and 18SX Saxony, and German language editions of 18AL Alabama and 18VA Virginia.

1838 Rheinland has been updated and will soon be released as 18Rhl Rheinland.

1824, 1844, 1862, 1895, 18FR, and 18NL GAMEKITS

Helmut Ohley
  Abtstr. 19
  80807 Muenchen
The 1824, 1862, and 1895 gamekits are still available from Helmut or will be reprinted.  (He is working on a revised edition of 1844, expected October 2007.)  See his web site for prices and details.  18FR and 18NL can be downloaded directly from his web site at no charge.

1848 and 1854 GAMEKITS

Leonhard Orgler
  Erlaustraße 13/3
  A-2344 Südstadt
The 1848 and 1854 gamekits are still available from Leonhard.  Please contact Leonhard directly for more details (such as how much extra is required for International Air Mail and bank charges).

1837 is out of print.

1826, 1832, 1846, 1850, 1854, 1889, 18EU, 18GL, 18MEX, and 18VA GAMEKITS

John A. Tamplin
  4116 Manson Ave
  Smyrna, GA 30082-3723
John A. Tamplin opened Deep Thought Games, LLC in June 2005.  He currently produces a large and growing list of 18xx games, including 1826 (France/Belgium), 1832 (southeast US), 1841 (Northern Italy), 1846 (US Midwest), 1850 (north central US), 1854 (Austria), 1889 (Shikoku, Japan), 18Ardennes (France/Belgium/Luxembourg/Germany), 18EU (Europe), 18FL (Florida), 18GL (Great Lakes region, US/Canada), 18MEX (Mexico), 18Scan (Scandinavia), 18US (US), 18VA (Virginia/Maryland), and 18West (Western US).  1826, 1841, 1854, and 1889 are second editions, while the rest are previously unpublished.  The games may be ordered in various levels of readiness for play, ranging all the way up to fully cut out and ready to play.  His production values are roughly equivalent to Chris Lawson's, with a fully laminated and cut out game being the equivalent of one of Chris' "Platinum Kits."

As of December 2009 there is a substantial backlog of orders.  Expect to wait a year for delivery.

Upcoming releases include 18Neb (Nebraska) and 18Dixie (southeast US).  18Dixie is a new game by Mark Derrick which will combine 18AL, 18GA, and 18TN on one map.  (It will be possible to play 18AL or 18TN on parts of the 18Dixie map -- but not 18GA because its hex grid runs the other way.)

Leonhard Orgler still publishes the original German language edition of 1854.  There is also a German language edition of 18VA, published by Wolfram Janich.

1890 and 1899KP GAMEKITS

Nobuhiro Izumi
Publishes 1890 and 1899 Korean Peninsula.  Contact him for further details.


Masanaga Hojo
1891 was released in March 2006.  Contact him for further details.

1897, 1897Large, and 1897Medium GAMEKITS

Tatsuya Kamioka
Contact him for further details.

1841 and 1849 GAMEKITS

Federico Vellani
  28 via San Giovanni del Cantone
  I-41100 Modena
+39 (0)59 244457
Federico does not produce gamekits any more, only 1849 upgrades (to bring it up to Version 4) as far as I am aware.  1841 is now published by John Tamplin1849 is currently not available, but Chris Lawson may produce it again someday.

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