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18xx Reference
I have created this page as a summary to various articles available on this site and on others.  Instead of creating a long page of such off-site links, I shall simply suggest that you take a visit to the site created by Lou Jerkich, Lou's Games Corner, as he has already created a worthy list of 18xx and railway game related links.  Thanks Lou.  Also thanks to Keith Thomasson as he maintains the 18xx Rules Difference List, if you play a variety of 18xx titles then this is the one useful link to know.  If you are looking for more discussion on 18xx games then I would suggest that you join the 18xx Mailing List, where you will find a good number of 18xx players and enthusiasts.  The mailing list is free and very easy to use, you don't even have to join to view the discussions and it seems to have replaced the newsgroup as the point of focus or contact for 18xx players.

. LINKS AND REVIEWS  -  U p d a t e d   12th November 2005

Links to other 18xx sites
Lou's Games Corner - A doorway to many 18xx and railway game related links, by Lou Jerkich.
18xx Rules Difference List - A superb source maintained by Keith Thomasson who updates it regularly.
18xx Mailing List - The best place to discuss 18xx topics with other 18xx enthusiasts.

Forum of 18xx articles
18xx Summaries - By David Hecht, a good complement to the McGuffins article.
18xx McGuffins - An excellent article by Steve Thomas on what sets 18xx games apart.
A Beginner's Guide To 18xx - Stuart Dagger gives an introduction to the 18xx game system.
An American in Brum - An account by David G.D. Hecht on his visit to the UK.
An American in Italy - An account by David G.D. Hecht on his visit to Italy.
History of Trinidad Railways - by Mike East, an excerpt from Trinidad and Tobago : A Traveller's Guide.

Strategy Guides for 18xx games
1826 Beginners Guide - by David Hecht with help from Chris Lawson.
1830 Strategy Guide - by Crist-Jan Mannien.
1870 Endgame - by Hans Torvatn.
1870 Openings - by David Kass.

Reviews of 18xx games
1825 Review - by Stuart Dagger.
1825 Initial Thoughts - by Stuart Dagger.
1825 Initial Thoughts - by David Allsop.
1826 Review - by Steve Thomas.
1849 Review - by Steve Thomas.

18xx Reference
The following are an ideal reference for PBM gamers or 18xx Designers. If you need to know what a tile looks like, then this is the place to look.
18xx Tile Designer - Thanks to the hard work of Marco Rocci for this utility.
18xx Tile Master List - This links to Tile Manifest Charts plus diagrams of tiles.
Tile Reference List - This is a cross index of all the known tiles against most of the 18xx games.
Family Tree of British Railway Companies - by Chris Lawson.
Family Tree of North American Railroads - by Christopher Coleman.
North American Railroads Slogans - by Christopher Coleman.
Timeline of the World's Railways - by Chris Lawson.

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